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Not the Same, Even in the Same Profession

farmer grain 2014

My husband is more of a grain farmer than a cattleman.  I was raised until I was eleven around those that were cattlemen first and farmers second, or at least that’s how I see it.  So, when I married my farmer husband I judged how he did things a great deal.   This wasn’t the best thing for a new married couple!   But he is a patient man folks so he tolerated me!

In comparing what I knew (which to be honest wasn’t much about farming) to what he knew it was a battle that neither one of us would ever win.  The way of farming differs from mile to mile.  The area farmers may farm similar but they never farm the same.  In fact, my husband doesn’t farm the same way his Dad did.

combine farmer wheat

Some of that is due to improvements in equipment, soil education,  grain changes, and many other factors.  My point is that even people in the same industry (or marriage) can do things differently.  It doesn’t mean that one is better than the other, although if you step into a coffee shop or the local Coop at breaktime you might think differently! 🙂

From my experience, of being back in the farm life for almost 13 years now  is that although these stewards of the land do not do things exactly alike, they are still bound to one another.

mv irrigation

The soil in the ground, the water in the creeks, the sun upon their faces, seed in their planters, grain in their bins.  These things seal a bond on dirt roads to create a family.  A farm family.  A family of agriculture to help the world be a better place.

(If I could have gotten a photo of several farmers together I would have inserted it here.  But most of them don’t care to have their photos taken. )

Grace is a gift,


4 thoughts on “Not the Same, Even in the Same Profession

      1. I grew up on a farm till I was 10 then I married a farmer when I was 32. So I was away for awhile. 🙂 We are actually, I’d say average or slightly smaller for our area in regards to acres. Around 1000.

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