Treasures of the Season – Christmas 2015

Ok, this was in my drafts.  I came upon it again.  Christmas is over but I still wanted to share this post.  I think it will maybe resonate with a few of you.  The gifts in life are treasures no doubt but it’s those that give that are the true gift.  

I opened a couple gifts over the holidays and found myself with a very warm heart.  I was blessed to receive other wonderful gifts as well but these two just filled me with emotion.  When a gift fills you with emotion, it’s definiately substantial in the memory department for years to come. I’m sure you know what I mean.

One of the gifts was from someone that I have never met.  It was a blogger that only got to know me through my blog.   I read her letter before looking at the gifts she sent.  The words upon the paper were lovely.  It spoke to me, to my heart.  It will be a treasure in itself.

As I opened the gifts in the box I could tell she read about me, found what I liked or enjoyed, and created a box of treasures for me.  The brownies were probably “the best” I have ever tasted, the tea towels to embroider that included edging she crocheted beautifully, and a canvas.  The canvas was made by her and its yellow, my favorite color.

Gift blogger

When I receive a gift that reflects a person knows me or in this case has taken the time to read my blog, and gives a gift I’d really enjoy, well it makes it mean even more. I’m not going to lie.

The other gift that was given to me is small in size.  It holds a few charms with words that reflect me and my life.  Pray, grace, a cross, and a heart with a triangle in it.  Until the friend explained what that last one was, I didn’t know.  It’s a symbol for adoption.  In this little keychain holds trinkets of things I hold dear.  She knows me well enough to know that these are substantial in my life.  Grace and prayer, friends, and adoption.


Thank you to both of those that gave to me.  As I said, I received many wonderful gifts this holiday season.   I will treasure them no doubt, but there is something more I value.  The new friendship I hope will be nurtured and cultivated (although miles exist) and one closer that brings depth, accountability, a fresh perspective, and a sister in Christ to my life.  Each special, each I look forward to growing a relationship with.

There is a gift that wasn’t materialistic at all that I received.  It was spending the evening with all my children and grandchildren.  Having them attend church services, eat and laugh together, and not leave immediately upon opening gifts was one of the sweetest moments in my life.  This is a  treasure of the heart that will be with me forever.


What was your favorite gift of the holiday season?

Grace is  a gift.


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