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The Funeral Is Over – Written September 2015

Another post that was in the drafts of another blog when time was  full of grief. Finally time to share some of my thoughts and story.


The funeral is over, my mother is laid to rest, the casket spray has died, and been thrown away.

Courtesy of GiggleBox Photography
Courtesy of GiggleBox Photography

A wedding has been focused upon and a few days from now we will be in it’s bliss.   Mother will be on my mind as I watch her grand daughter walk down the aisle.

Moments in time my mother will miss, but the promise is not in those moments on earth.  It is in the day to come when we will meet again, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son.  Focus on that, dear child of hers.  Focus on the opportunity and glee that lies in that.

Take  the moments in the past, the pictures of days together, wrap them up.  Hold them close but do not dwell in a place of sorrow.  Only smile when remembering and holding images in your hands, for one day these too will fade, like the sun each day.

mother daughter

Open  your heart and tell the stories of her to your children.  Take the time to bask in days of old where cinnamon rolls, cold coffee, and fried chicken lived in your childhood.  Don’t stay too long but don’t close the door either.  Keep them safely tucked away in a place nearby.



The generations to come will not know her or the influence she made on you.  Including all the choices she made, each affecting you.  Learn from them, grow from them, and know that God was never far away.  Share with the new generations both good and bad, and perhaps they will do the same with the future ones from you and your life.

Family 2015

Grace is a gift,


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