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Farm Post But Not From the Farm

I felt like I needed to get a “farm” post up right away on the blog!  The reason is I’m currently attending the Women Managing the Farm Conference.  I attended last year and came home with lots of great information.   So far I’ve collected some thoughts, information, and met some new ladies of agriculture, I’d say it’s been a win-win for day one!

Speaking of ladies I’ve met, one of them is Rachel over at Green Grass Girl, when you are done here, go check her blog out!  Seriously cute and looks fun and she is a farm wife to boot!

Not only have I been able to meet some new friends, I’ve been able to “blog bond” with a current friend! You probably already follow her blog, but if you do not, be sure to.  Nicole at Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom rocks the farmer and farm mom aspect of life quite well! Plus she has some really great recipes on her blog!

I won’t bore you with details of each session or keynote speakers, but here’s what I’ve taken away from it today in tidbits.  I plan to go home, set some goals, explore some new options, and I’m inspired to write more about farming than I have been recently!

Conference Take aways

Even if you aren’t into the agricultural side of life, I invite you to still hang around my blog.  There is variety here at Farming Grace Daily,  farming is just one section of my life!  See ya soon!

Grace is a gift,


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