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Farm Post Friday – 2/5/2016

I’m all inspired and geared up to talk all things FARMING!  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know why!  I’ve been at a Women Managing the Farm Conference!

If you are a woman in agriculture, whatever type, landowner, tenant, ag industry, ag college student, etc I highly recommend this conference.  It really is a great way to network with other farm gals and learn new stuff!  If you aren’t in an ag related field but have family that does, tell them about it!

I would have to say my favorite break out session was the one called “Visioning For Your Farm”.  If this is ever offered again anywhere I will probably go and take my husband.  It’s so important to sit down and communicate with those that participate in the farming operation.  It truly is essential for the goodness of the legacy to have a plan and communicate effectively about the future together.  Odds are it isn’t going to be easy but it has to be done.  This particular session gave me the tools to start the conversation with our family and move forward in a positive manner together!

Vision for Farm

One of the keynote speakers, Bonnie Lynn-Sherow, presented on women in farm history.  The title was “Think Like a Man, Work Like a Horse, and Look like a Girl: Kansas Women in Agriculture”.    I walked away from this particular time feeling a great appreciation for my mother in law.  The reason is she grew up on a farm, during the depression era, and married a farmer.  She is someone that I respect and feel fortunate that my husband was raised by her.


Tell our story Farmer
Courtesy of Hannah Becker – http://www.themotivatedmillennial.com/

Blogging 101 session was presented by Hannah Becker and she was a very good speaker.  Although I already knew some of the information about blogging she presented, she opened up to me a better understanding of Millennials.   Having a couple of those ( my older daughters) in the family, it helped me to understand more of why they think the way they do at times! 🙂

Photo courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond
Photo courtesy of
Bed Bath & Beyond

Electric Pressure Cookers.  Don’t have one, thinking of getting one.  Anyone else used one? Comment below with your thoughts! I have heard they are all the rage and saves one time in the kitchen!

Over the next few weeks, months, or even year I hope to share with you some things that I’ve taken away from this conference.  Sharing about our farming operation, being authentic and respectful.  Those are important for me to do.  Otherwise the world will take every tidbit from social media and use it as a knowledge base and odds are it’s wrong!
ASK A FARMER!  (Or his wife, she will find an answer!)

Grace is a gift,




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