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Farm Post Friday – 2/19/2016

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Today’s Farm Post Friday I assumed was going to be only one shot of my husband cleaning up a mess of fallen trees in a wheat field.  I didn’t have anything else from our farm for the weekly post, so that was to be it!

Lucky for me the afternoon was nice (except for the high winds) and our daughter was home due to a double ear infection on Thursday.  No it’s not lucky that my kid was sick, just that she was able to tag along.   She was feeling better and we headed down to the field to snap a photo of Daddy.

The lucky part is that we all got to be together and she was my co-pilot for tractor driving. The child will probably drive a tractor better than I before I truly get the hang of it! At least I hope so!

Farm Family

My husband was cutting up the larger trees when we arrived. The trees had fallen into the wheat field and they are along a creek.  So he cut them up and we pushed them into the creek.

chainsaw and trees

He makes it look so easy!  I guess driving a tractor his entire life might have something to do with it!

Tractor Trees and more

The company we hire to spray our fields will be coming to this field soon to “top dress” the wheat.   So we had to get them out of the way.

Tractor trees and farming

So our Farm Post Friday was a family oriented good time although we were working. I’m so glad we had this opportunity to learn, laugh, and live!  Thanks for stopping by!
Grace is a gift,


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