Missing the Freedom

As I strolled through the pages of my printed blog books of Pushing Forward with Grace the other night,  I found myself deep into memories.  This is the place that allowed me to openly grieve the death of my father and some of my mother,  share God’s Word, and many other topics.

Blogging Pushing Forward with Grace

The posts below moved me to share them once more here.  Some were good reminders, some lessons, and others taking me to a place of yesterday.

I Believe – This was a good one for me to read, just to be reminded of where I was a year ago.

Depression & Ways I Come Out of It – A post I wrote and forgot about, which happens often to me.

The Button Box – This was written six months before my mother passed away.  We are heading into her six months of being passed away this month.

Softly Tough – I felt this was a well written one about who I am.  Although I feel more soft lately than tough.

Weight-less Wednesdays – A reminder that although these posts had high views and comments, I failed.  The fact that I placed it out in the open doesn’t always make for success.

Bittersweet Gifts – Just a trip back to hear his voice, not staying long this time around.

Blogging bw

I hate to admit it, but I miss writing over there.  I miss the freedom I felt I had with that blog.  No rules or topics I had to write on.  No agenda or plan. Oh sure,  I could do that here but it just doesn’t feel the same.

There are many moments in my life, but I can not go back and relive them or re-invent them.   Just as the time of my first born being a toddler could not be the same with the my second or third child, my writing experiment can not be redone.

Are there times in your life you wish you could bring moments into the present day to actually live?  I’m sure you do but as we know that’s not possible.

I guess that is why memories were created. Because we can’t go back, we can only move forward.  (And sometimes that is for the best.)

Blog Books Blog2Print

Grace is a gift,



  • I used BLOG2PRINT to print out my blogs.  This is not a paid endorsement.

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