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Farm Post Friday 3/4/2016

Farm Post Fridays

My post today is about how the farmer in our family works a second job to support us. I am actually writing this post while watching him complete this act.  He needed my help installing some windows, I got to play construction helper in the Kansas wind! I appreciate him even more now.

Construction work

The second job comes in the form of construction work. He is a tradesman. He is a man that can do many things with his hands and in the end the finished product becomes more valuable. The work ethic he holds I believe is implanted in his DNA. His father and brothers are just the same.

The farmer has built a good reputation in regards to the work he does in the construction field. This benefits our family, especially since I no longer work full time. We are grateful.  My husband is many things but the title of farmer is what he loves the most in regards to occupation. Construction work is second, although I have to compliment his abilities in that field.

The opportunity to farm is something that comes with a great deal of sacrifice. We are at the mercy of the weather and the grain/cattle markets. I sometimes do not understand why farming is so important to my spouse. This usually happens when I am paying bills or he is being pulled between family time and work or another calf has died. It’s not in my DNA as it is his.  I won’t lie, sometimes I really dislike the farming aspect of our lives.

My husband spent many years working full time in the construction field and farming on the side with his father.  One day came and he had to become a full time farmer.  It was years later than it should have been, but none the less, finally here.  Although the circumstances of why were not ideal, he was happy in his heart to some degree I am sure.  His dream job was becoming his full-time job.

Dream jobs do not come full of fluff and only good days.  My husband’s is no different. Farming ones come with crops wiped out, markets prices in the toilet, fertilizer expenses high, and many other difficult things. We have learned many lessons, and more will come in the future.

With my husband holding his dream job also allows him to see beautiful Kansas sunsets in the solace of a tractor or combine cab, teach his child about where her food comes from, work side by side with his father, take off most of the time when he wants, and reap benefits when there’s enough money to pay the expenses.  All these things and many others come from God, just as the beautiful sunsets do.  Trusting in Him and remembering the gifts he has provided helps both of us live the life we have been provided on earth.

Photo owned by Julie V. @Farming Grace Daily

There are many farmers that I know that work a “side-job” or they farm on the side.  So although we are in the farming community, I’m thankful for all of them.  We raise wheat, corn, grain sorghum, soybeans, chickens, and feeder cattle.  But I like my pork and various other food groups as well.  So thank you to the farmers and ranchers in the world that take on that second job to feed their family, while feeding mine.

Grace is a gift,





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