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View from My Lens – March 2016

We are fortunate to have access to a pond that irrigates our land we lease.  This is one of my favorite locations we farm.  Not only because it can be incredibly breath-taking at sunset, but because when our daughter was younger we used to bring her down here more.  I would witness the relationship of a father and daughter play out in front of me.  The teacher and the student, not always being the same person.   The feelings in my heart can still be felt thinking back.

POnd TriX edited

As my daughter and I made our way out one still beautiful Saturday morning on an adventure I was able to capture this photo.  As we walked up to this particular location my seven-year old sighed and then told me she liked this.  The quiet.  The place.  It made my heart glad.  Although this is a nice place and the quiet is good, I was ever so glad to share this time with her.

Pasture Dog walk 2016 FGD

The sunset photo is one that I couldn’t resist to take.  I was serving a meal at our church one evening and happen to turn around to the west.  There is a small window in the door and I could see just peaking through this gorgeous color.  I stepped outside and quickly snapped it.  God shows his gifts in many ways to us on a daily basis.  I’m glad I opened my eyes and caught this one.


In 2012 I took this photo of our daughter in that precious pond area.

PV 2012 pond

Here we are again in 2016.  I unable to put into words what this morning’s walk together meant to me.  It was that overwhelming for me.  I’m just very thankful.

PV Pond walking FGD reduced 2016

Grace is a gift,


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