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Farm Post Friday – 03/11/2016

Today’s post will be about the egg laying area of our lives.  We currently only have seven chickens.  I have to admit these chickens have been different than our first batch we had a couple years ago.

chickens fgd reduced

For instance, they had a hard time learning to roost.  We finally had to put a box on the floor to get them to lay eggs in.   Then they wouldn’t come in very easily at night after being out all day roaming the farm yard.  They were late layers I like to say.  Normally during the winter our egg inventory gets to be just enough for our family.  These chickens were different, they are laying at least five eggs a day now.  What was “normal” times of year to lay we were lucky to get two.  I guess they were “late bloomers” perhaps.

They now roost and lay their eggs in one little cubby, even though there are 8 cubbies!

chicken Hen fgd

We enjoy our farm fresh eggs and I am happy we do not have to buy them at the store any longer.  Any help reducing the grocery bill is always invited!

chicken eggs fgd

What is your favorite way to eat eggs?  Scrambled, fried, in a quiche, hard boiled, or just used in cakes and dishes?  I enjoy a fried egg sandwich on toast with ketchup and mayo, but my spouse enjoys tabasco sauce on his eggs.  Our youngest daughter dislikes runny yokes where I love them but dislike any white being runny!  She must have hers fried “hard.”  Growing up I always used soft or hard eggs, then when I go out to eat I tend to still say that and the waitress usually looks at me funny!

yellow egg yolk farm fresh

Farm fresh eggs are brighter in color than store bought and the taste (we feel) is better as well.  Although we don’t really make any money off our few chickens, it’s nice to be able to say we eat farm fresh and it gives our child a job on the farm.

Farm fresh eggs

It’s probably “chick days” at your local farm supply store. Take the kiddos in and take a gander at what the baby chicks look, sound, and feel like!  This is one way to learn more about things from farm life!  They will love it I bet!

Grace is a gift,



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