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Farm Post Friday 3/18/2016 – Quiet Winter Busy Spring

Farm Post Fridays

I realized that it’s March and our quiet winter, in regards to farming will soon come to an end.  The days will be filled with the country roads being driven on more and the sight of tractors, planters, and drills will be upon us.  The season of spring brings the planting season.

Corn planting will start our busy season here in April.  The farmer and I married on April 12th, now that I have been in the farm life for awhile I wonder why he didn’t say dead of winter for our wedding!  I’m sure he didn’t want to make his anxious bride upset or wait any longer.

As with any task, preparation is important.  The farmer ordered the seed clear back in the fall of 2015.   They normally have discounts to buy early and having expenses for your tax return is usually helpful ya know!


Next on the agenda would be soybeans.  We plant those around the second week of May.


Grain Sorghum (milo) comes at a time when we are deep into wheat harvest in June.  I would have to say the the latter part of June and early July is our busiest time on the farm.


By the time late June rolls around, wheat is being harvested, grain sorghum is being planted, softball is happening, and life is full of long days for the farmer.  Luckily we have his parents to assist with grain hauling and unloading.  I take care of home, our daughter’s activities, meals for all, and running farm errands.  One of the farmer’s brothers that lives near us also stops in periodically to lend a hand. We are appreciative of the entire crew!

So that gives you a little look into our future here on the farm and the upcoming season!  If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and we will answer them for you!

Grace is a gift,





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