2016 · Raising Them Up

The Bigger the Snowflakes

On a Saturday morning my daughter found her way to me and was all excited!  “Did you know it was snowing out, Mom? ”  The last time I looked out the window it was just raining.  Our daughter loves the snow and there hasn’t been much this past winter.

We made our way to the window and once again I am reminded of how special little moments like this are.  I stood next to the little lady of the house and truly felt her happiness.  Happiness from just some simple flakes that melted as soon as they hit the ground.

snow in spring

She leaned into me and laid her head upon my side and we watched the snowflakes together.  I kissed her head a few times and just enjoyed the moment.  Just as those snowflakes quickly fade, this moment did too.  Memories made, memories kept.

Grace is a gift,


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