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Farm Post Friday – 4/22/16 – Cattle Sorting

Farm Post Fridays

May is just around the corner which means that I will be picking mulberries in the near future and my spouse will plant soybeans.  But today we sorted cattle to have them ready for the semi’s to pickup in the next week or so.  My husband needed some help so I was the gal for the job!

farm couple
Prior to my workout in the cattle pen of mushy manure!

These ladies were not real excited to have us out in their pen today!  We eventually won them over and got them sorted.  TEAMWORK was needed for sure! I’m happy to say we worked well together today.cattle farm

Which ones are smaller?  Take a gander at their backside!

cattle livestock farm

Did I mention that it rained earlier this week so the cattle pen was pretty mushy.  If I would have thought about it, I would have skipped the elliptical this morning!  This was WAY more of a workout I promise.

manure cattle boots

Power washers are a must on the farm!  They quickly clean off the manure upon thy boots!

boots manure

Um…. aren’t you suppose to be out in the pen WITH us Charlie?

Dog charlie

I will leave you today with a photo of the wheat I look at daily out my home office or kitchen window.  This is irrigated wheat.

Wheat 2016 irrigated

Thanks for stopping by for our Farm Post Friday!  If you have questions please feel free to ask!

Grace is a gift,


2 thoughts on “Farm Post Friday – 4/22/16 – Cattle Sorting

  1. I enjoy reading your blog, Julie, and your reflections on farm life. I’m a farm girl, at heart, having grown up on a family farm in South Dakota, milking Holsteins and driving farm equipment. I find myself a “city girl” in Minnesota, now, but I miss the farm/country on a daily basis.
    Thanks for sharing your farm life experiences with us!
    p.s. Herding cattle in muddy cattle yards brings back vivid memories for me. Thank goodness for good cattle dogs!

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