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Farm Post Friday 4/29/16 – Actions of the Farmer

Farm Post Fridays

Grain is distributed all over the world.  Today the farmer and I made a trip to an elevator about 40 miles away from us in hopes to get a better price with less dockage on the grain.  Another reason is that we need to prepare for the upcoming wheat harvest.  We will need as much farm storage as possible come June for the wheat!

ELEvator grain farmer

We hauled grain sorghum (milo).  It had been stored in our farm storage (grain bins) since last fall.    This allows us to choose when to sell and also not have to pay storage fees at the elevator.

Although this post is pretty simple and to the point,  as with a great many things the action the farmer took today impacts our farming operation. (and others)  On a daily basis he must decide what he will do to prepare for the upcoming crop,  how to care for the livestock, which expense to approve, and inspect the crops currently growing to name a few of his responsibilities.

mv irrigation

While making these choices, there is a lot out of his hands, such as grain market prices, livestock prices, weather, and costs of things such as fertilizer, seed, and chemicals.  Today we are receiving rain and we are grateful to God for that, so we will just move forward with life and do our best.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a comment here or on one of our social media platforms!  Feel free to share!  Sharing agriculture is a way to make the world a better, smarter place we think!

call to action

Grace is a gift,







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