2016 · God

Bloom Where You Are Planted


This saying has been around for sometime, but until a few days ago I didn’t pay much attention to it.  I was scrolling through my Instagram account and a picture of a necklace popped up with this saying.  Since then, it keeps coming to my mind at different times out of nowhere.

In a way I am trying to ignore it.  When I think of it the following thoughts occur.  Perhaps God has planted you in the middle of a farming operation for a particular reason.  Perhaps God has planted you in motherhood for another reason and at a job that isn’t as busy as you would like for yet another reason.  Which then leads to, God has planted you there so quit fighting things.

At times I do feel like what a plant must. At that first moment when the soil is tightly tucked around it.  You know,  when you pack the potting soil around that pretty flower in the pot and smush the soil to keep the roots covered.  I can imagine the flowering gem struggling to loosen itself as soon as you walk away.  Just reaching to get closer to that sunshine overhead, longing to drink that fresh water that is ever so slowly soaking to the roots.

Are you like that too or am I alone on this?   Always reaching for the brightness that seems to be just ahead of us?  That finish line, that final goal, that completed project, just so we can move on to another adventure?  Sometimes feeling it’s a great fit and then at other times feeling uncomfortable in the location of God’s choice to “plant us.”

During those  uncomfortable moments, especially in recent months, I have found myself being anything but grace giving.  At times I’ve wanted to stomp my feet and scream like a two year old and other times weep into my pillow like a tween with a freshly broken heart.  I’ve wanted to run away and not return to the turmoil, the yuck, the muck, and the responsibilities.  The moments I speak of my blooms I imagine match my actions, not so pretty.  .


I’m suppose to “bloom where I’m planted,” right? I’m suppose to offer grace, use my spiritual gifts, and live a life that is not of just good works but Christ centered. This isn’t an easy task at times, is it?

I’m doing it though.  It might just be  baby steps but I am on my way!  Feeling like  someone that is contributing to society, loving my family with grace, and being the person God “planted” me to be once again is in my sight.  There will be days I stumble and look frail but I will do this.  I’m making my way, with God’s grace, to be the person He planted, where ever that might be.

Grace is a gift,


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