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Farm Post Friday – 5/20/16 – A Whole Lotta Stuff!

Farm Post Fridays

I wasn’t able to get a post up last Friday.  So I’m combining a couple of weeks.  It’s getting to be a busy time on the farm.

We have all our soybeans planted for now.  We will do some more after we cut wheat in mid-June  into the fields that had wheat.  We are primarily a no-till farming operation. That is why you see the stalks from previous crops in the field.  We do not work our fields, except one that we flood irrigate. The field below is a non-irrigated field.

2016 soybean planting

This is the current growth of our three corn fields.  We will plant more corn after wheat harvest as well.   That corn is normally used for silage to feed the cattle we get in the winter months.  The fields below are non-irrigated, which means the only way it receives moisture is through rain.

Corn May 14, 2016
This field was the 1st one planted yet the corn is not as tall. We think it is because of the amount of residue on the field.
Growing. Growing. Growing!
Corn field
Corn field

Our wheat fields are changing on a daily basis.  It is currently in a green state but before we know it the color will be golden-yellow.  The wheat harvest preparation is underway on the farm as well.  The combine needs oil changed, trucks need cleaned up and maintained, and on farm grain bins are being emptied.

Wheat May 19, 2016 2

Wheat May 19, 2016

Grain crops are not the only thing that we are growing!  We are hoping these two grow as well.  They go to the locker to be butchered to feed our own family at the end of June.  Even though the cattle market is not good at least we can feed our family!


We have an abundance of farm fresh eggs as well!  Our seven ladies have been providing us with more than we can eat!


One of the hobbies I have here on the farm is to make homemade jams and jellies.  I sell them to locals and one craft fair a year.  I enjoy the time I get to spend in the kitchen creating , although it is a great deal of work.  My new season is starting so I’m getting organized and checking the fruit.  Normally strawberries and mulberries are my first jams I make.   The mulberries are on their way!


Thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to ask any questions or comment below!  We love interaction!

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