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Farm Post Friday 5/27/16 – Photos from the Farm

Farm Post Fridays

This is the first week that our daughter has been out of school for her summer break.  It’s been nice to have a week or two where we can somewhat relax and play later at night in the yard.  Although when I look at our calendar for the month of June I’m not really looking forward to it to be honest.  It is packed full and then there is wheat harvest as well!

Now that the youngest is home full time I wanted to be sure to document our summer happenings including her.  She is in 4H and chose to make a pillowcase for a project.  We did a practice run this week.  We had a good time making it together and she will do the final one in the near future!


We took some time away from the farm to pick strawberries.  I will use most of these for my homemade goodness side business/hobby.  I’m grateful for the help from these two in the process of picking!

strawberry picking

And my husband helped me make a couple batches of jam.  Goes quicker with four hands verse two!  Strawberry jam and mulberry jam have been added to my inventory!  I made a new one this year, kiwi-mulberry!  We shall see how it tastes!

20160527_070829 1

My husband has been preparing one of his rental houses for the new tenants to move in.  No matter what he is doing he tends to be a good teacher to our youngest daughter in all things construction, farming, birds, and nature.  This week he taught her how to install a hardwood floor.  I was just tickled to find this scene!  She was quite into hitting the gun!


That evening we helped Dad feed the two head of cattle we still have.  These two will become beef for our family and extended family to enjoy.


That’s about it for the week! We hope your summer is going well!
Grace is a gift,


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