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Farm Post Friday – 6/3/16 – Busy Time on the Farm

Farm Post Fridays

This week has held a variety of things happening for our family on the farm and off the farm.  In recent weeks there has been a great deal of rainfall.  One of our fields that has nothing planted in it was quite full one day.  This field will be planted to milo later this month.

The corn is coming up and the soybeans have sprouted through.

Corn May 2016

soybean lady bug May 31 2016

The wheat is changing from green to a yellow green soon to be golden yellow.  As I drive home from work I can see the variations in the wheat the more north I drive.  The fields to the south of us are more yellow.  With each passing field I get a tinge of anxiousness knowing the busy time of year is just around the corner.

wheat May 2016

I’ve started making meals for harvest and freezing them.  I hope to get some more done this weekend and finish the rest of the grocery shopping.  The grain bins are empty and my husband has done annual maintenance on the combine.

Hamburger ground beef

Our daughter has been his sidekick the two days I work at my town job.  She did her part to make sure the combine was nice and ready for harvest!  She cleaned the interior of it out for her Daddy!  Her and I did the trucks and tractors over Memorial day weekend.


The grain bins are empty and my husband has done annual maintenance on the combine.

case ih combine family farm

Grain Bin

I’m not sure the farther we get into June how much time I will have to write posts for the blog.  So you will want to be sure to follow us on one of our social medias!  It’s much easier to upload a photo or two here  and there!

call to action


Grace is a gift,








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