Harvest Mornings


Although most of the time we can not start cutting wheat until late morning or early afternoon, the mornings on a farm start quite early.  My husband rises to feed the couple head of cattle and today he is unloading semi of wheat he harvested late last night.  

As I sit on my back deck writing this the sounds of the birds are here but I can hardly hear them. The elevator leg pullling the wheat from the pit up the leg into the grain bin is louder.  It’s still a beautiful morning here in Kansas though.  The humidity isn’t horrible yet, a tad of clouds, and it’s pretty still.  I could be laying in my bed but sleep won’t come.  Too many thoughts running through my head.  The front porch would be quieter but I’ll just stay here.

The sounds remind me of the life my husband chose.  During harvest we don’t see much of one another as he normally can be found in the combine or like this morning preparing things for the day in the next farm yard.  Hearing these sounds today help me feel somewhat at peace because I know he isn’t far and it reminds me of him.


I can only speak of my own marriage but it isn’t filled with a lot of doting on each other, gifts of material items, and sometimes a day can go by without a kiss.  It’s hard being married, I know some of you agree.  There are times when I hate that my spouse farms or that he lacks in the expressive department.  But then days like today come.  A gentle reminder that I married this man because not only is he a hard worker and provides for our family but because he is loyal to his family, believes in God, and will stop wheat harvest to pay respects for someone he knew his entire life. 

For those of  you that are not  familiar with farming when harvest or planting time is upon us, life can pretty much stop for outside activities.  My husband has always done the best possible job he can when it comes to our family and stepping away from the harvest or planting to attend a child’s activity.  He has always been lucky enough to have enough help on the farm that being away for an hour or two to support his child wouldn’t end the world.  I know that sometimes he is torn and this doesn’t always happen. As we enter a new phase of farm life, this may become more true than before due to changes. 

Whether it is farming, marriage, or being a parent it is never an easy chore.  One has to make those difficult decisions and choices that work best for their family.   So if sitting on my back deck, listening to what others might see as just a bunch of noise, to feel closer to my spouse I’m going to do it.  If my husband has to step away from the combine, although his heart is in it, to show care and respect to a long time friend, he will do it.  Life isn’t full of easy decisions, relationships, or jobs. 

So hiding our head in the sand or better yet Kansas dirt in our case, won’t be a good thing.  We must face the reality, love others, be respectful, and take those little reminders God gives us to remember why we fell in love with….. our spouse, our occupation, our life.

Grace is a gift,


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