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Wheat Harvest 2016 is Here… Maybe or Maybe Not

Normally my husband is the more patient person when it comes to the two of us.  He is the one that doesn’t get worked up too quickly and just goes with the flow.  There is always an exception to the rule, right?  🙂

farmer and farm wife

Wheat harvest is upon us…. sort of…. that’s where the lack of patience from Milton steps in.  A farmer works all year-long to get to this point.  They plant the seed, pray for rain, and treat the crop when needed.  The day they get to “reap” the benefits of all their hard work is sometimes difficult to wait for.  Especially when those around you are harvesting away!

Case Ih combine sunset

Our wheat harvest started June 10th.  We made our way to a field, began to cut, and watched the monitor in the combine.  We were pleased to find areas of the field hitting the moisture area we wanted.  Unfortunately it’s not staying at that level as we move along in the field.  It’s too high to cut so we try other fields… no such luck.

combine monitor
Not the best pic but I’m grateful my farmer took time to snap it for this post!

My husband reluctantly stops and waits till the next day to try again.  Finally late afternoon early evening he was able to harvest part of a field.  Needless to say this helped his patience issue, until Sunday the 12th.  He found himself attempting to cut but moisture was too high.  Although he isn’t a happy camper he knows it’s best to wait, we want the best quality grain we can produce.


I just want to mention when I received his text it was too wet I felt a little “gloating” in my mind.  Why you ask?  Because his wife told him to just wait a day or two, that it’s okay to wait.  It was a moment of me being right about farming!  That doesn’t happen very often folks! When  I text back “are you ever going to listen to your wife?”  He just sent back “never lol.” At least we can laugh together in the midst of waiting Just another day on the farm! To this point we have harvested about 60 acres out of 800 of wheat.

Keep up with us by following our journey on one of our social medias!  On our Facebook page you can see my husband actually running the combine.  Feel free to take a look and ask questions!

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