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Farm Post Friday 6/17/16 – Pictorial Post


Farm Post Fridays

Life is kinda busy right now but I wanted to be sure to document some photos I’ve taken since wheat harvest began.  So today is a pictorial post.  I hope you enjoy!

Farmer harvesting wheat case ih 2016 reduced Generational Farming reduced Ks wheat not reduced Arnold

We’ve been happy with the yields of our wheat harvest thus far.  On Wednesday we received a thunderstorm and it contained tiny hail, wind, and rain.  It was a downpour as the combine was trying to make it’s way down the dirt road with a 30 foot header attached!

Ks wheat reduced wheat harvested reduced  2016 Wheat Harvest Annual photo

The farm wife (me) has been busy with making meals, running the farm kid around, and weighing the trucks as they come to our farm storage grain complex.  One day, Wednesday it reached 103 degrees.  It’s pretty hot here in Kansas this time of year, add that to the humidity, but that’s what we need for wheat harvest!

farm wife truck driver wheat harvest

Morning chores includes unloading trucks from the last load of the night before!

unloading wheat reduced


Case IH combine 6088 wheat harvest

I’m proud of this guy.  Such a hard worker and he’s pretty cute in his farmer attire! 🙂

Farmer Truck

June 16, 2016 we were able to get back into the field around 5:00 pm.  The night before had brought about an inch of rain in the area that we farm. It was high humidity and hot on this day!


In the morning with the sun coming up.

Home combine barn barn quilt

In the evening with the sun going down.


This is Milton and his Dad.  This man has farmed his entire life.  He has taught his son much about farming and many other things.  They are loading the drill with with soybeans so planting can begin behind the wheat harvested.

Two farmers soybeans

Until next time!  Hope you are having a great week!  How many of you have ever been in involved with or have memories of wheat harvest?  Comment below and let us know your best memory of it!

Grace is a gift,


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