2018 · grain · soybeans

2018 Soybean Harvest

  Soybean harvest barely got started last night.  My husband decided to make his way to the field that was close to the farm yard and begin cutting.  Unfortunately it was not in the cards although the beans are ready to be harvested. Our grain semi is already in the shop getting a new radiator… Continue reading 2018 Soybean Harvest

2018 · corn · grain · milo

Fall Harvest 2018 Starts!

The combine header has been changed a couple times and been running in the past couple weeks! A two fields of corn were harvested and one field of grain sorghum or what we like to call milo! I love the color of milo, it's so pretty but it also very itchy!   First let's chat… Continue reading Fall Harvest 2018 Starts!