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Farm Post Friday – 7/8/16- The Road Less Traveled

The road less traveled


There’s a road less traveled in this world.  One that isn’t easy to begin without the help of those before you.  The road that with each step forward there is bound to be three steps backward.  The road is filled with long days, tired hearts, and calloused hands.

The road isn’t for the faint of heart but for those that want to build something and continue something started long before them.  It’s bound to bring heart ache and disappointment.  Those that take this road know all of this; yet make their way down the road less traveled with anticipation of the satisfaction it too shall bring.

Their heart was in it long before they probably realized it and they can’t seem to shake the desire within them.  The dirt that clings to their hands and in their fingernails is evidence of their love for the land.  Holding tight to memories, traditions, and the respect they owe the generations that traveled this road before them. They rise with hope in their hearts and energy in their bones.

The road spoken of is that of farming.  The one where the individual that has taken on the task of raising crops to feed the world does it with passion and yes, even love.  Love of the land that God asked them to care for.  Where one works physically hard to put a crop in the ground to watch it transpire into something they can not put into words.   It’s an emotional experience full of accomplishment and pride.

The land is only one aspect of the farm, a large factor in the grand scheme of things, but it’s not the only thing.  The farm encompasses change while holding onto the positives of the past.  The lessons learned from the days of driving a tractor with no cab to the technology guiding the machinery nowadays.  No matter the way one farms, human contact is essential.  It is needed and human contact is what brings life to the farm.  It wakes each morning with a long list of to do’s, sore muscles, and a smile to do what they love.

The farmer isn’t one to want pity for low grain prices, hailed out wheat, an equipment fire, or any type of setback.  They are built with strength and responsibility.  The farmer gathers their wits and continues to move forward.  Even when the time comes that they no longer can go as fast or lift as much due to age or health.  They continue to do what they love.

What they have built over the years isn’t about the dollar worth.   It’s about integrity, strength, honor, and legacy.  It’s about continuing to build what those before them  started and carry it on with as much dignity as they can possibly muster.  And in the end, all they want to have  is the legacy to continue, in honor of themselves and the ones that planted the seed, long before them to grow.

Grace is a gift,


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