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What the Blackberry Bramble Reminds Me


I have come to love picking blackberries in my backyard.  It brings me a sense of quiet and peace that I don’t necessarily feel when picking at a pick your own spot.  My blackberries are at the point that I have to go out daily to pick.  Which is a good thing after my experience this morning, which inspired this post.  I hope you will read clear to the end, hint.. it’s not about how to pick blackberries!

When picking from the bramble one can not just stand straight up and pick at eye level.  Since the blackberries do not become ripe all at the same time one must bend over, kneel, go from side to side with their head, and hold them in their fingertips. This is so one can find the ripest most lovely black berries!  And even though one can go down an entire side, when you get to the other side of the bramble, odds are there will be some you missed on the starting side. So you reach across and snag those little pieces of joy! 🙂

When you find one that seems to be ready to pick from where you are standing you must do a couple of things before plucking it off the vine.  Hold it in your fingers and lift it to make sure the darkness is all over and it’s ready to fall into your fingertips.  My point in this perspective is that one can not  judge or care for something from one view.


In the world today it’s important that people do the same thing.  We can not view someone by just looking at them.  We can not care for them by putting little effort into getting to know them, opening the doors of communication, and moving around to know them better.

mother and daughter
Yes I have tattoos but normally they are not showing.  Well more now than ever!

For example, my middle daughter has several tattoos that show on a daily basis.  In fact when she got the one clear across her chest I was horrified for her (okay for me too).  But you know what, I don’t even notice it now.  It’s just a piece of her.  Although I didn’t care for some of her appearance, I never stopped caring for her.  I still loved her, answered her phone calls and texts, and was involved in her life.  I learned a few things in raising this one, I’m grateful for that.  I’m glad I didn’t give up.  She’s turned into a beautiful woman.

Sometimes it’s hard to care for the ones that you love the most.  The ones you don’t quite understand and even ones you are just getting to know.  I know because I’ve been there and I’m there right now.

As I make my way to the blackberry bramble I hope it keeps me in the right place to love others, care for others, view others from more than one angle.  Even if it isn’t the way I’m used to, even if it’s not comfortable for me.  Even if it means putting I have to put my comfortable selfish ways aside.

Grace is a gift,





*Now I must admit when I see someone with a lot of piercings in their faces I do have trouble looking at them but it doesn’t mean I fault them for it.  I hope I don’t let their appearance stop me from knowing them, that’s my hope, my goal. Feel free to call me on it if you see me having issues, or better yet invite me to understand why you have pierced your lip or nose or eyebrow.




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