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A Farmer’s Laundry Told By His Wife

As the dark morning arrives, the farmers wife awakens him to begin his day.  In the house he built,  he eats breakfast and does daily devotions with the little girl he calls daughter.  Whether it’s the car, his farm pickup, or a grain semi, dropping her off at school is his first task most days. Only then does he begin another day of hard work.

He doesn’t do the “family ” thing because he has to, he does it because he wants to.  The farm can wait for just a bit he feels. The hard working man has a heart most don’t see, only that farmer’s wife is truly privy to.

After a day of being apart, as she strolls through the field or farmyard to sneak a moment with her love, just them two. Her heart will be full as the view of her hard working man comes into sight. Cap, jeans, t-shirt and button log sleeve most days. That’s how she sees him. That’s how she’ll remember him when he’s long gone.

farmer grain 2014

Smoke,  diesel, dirt, chemicals, and sweat. The smells of a hard working man. A farmer. His dirty laundry resides just outside the door in the garage. Twice a week she can imagine what he has done to make such an array of stains and smells.

mens jeans laundry

The stains upon the tattered jeans reflect days of working with soil and grain, fixing tractors, combines, or farm machinery of all sorts.   If the farmer’s laundry could talk it would weave stories galore we’re sure.  Just as the calloused hands, tired eyes, sore back, and sun kissed skin of the farmer would too.

The thinnest, oldest t-shirts are his favorite on those hot summer days and the holes in his jeans are good ventilation he tries to convince her.  But the farmer’s wife will replace the old tattered jeans and thin shirts with fresh new ones eventually.  He won’t complain, he’ll only begin new stories in his new clothes, while she washes, dries, and folds them.

Everyone has a story, the farmer and Mrs. are no different.  They gather each day in whatever fashion they can.  The story began, continues to grow in chapters until one day the story will end.  Only carried on by the next generation in their own edition. But this story now, is played out by a hard working farmer, and written by the woman he calls his wife.

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