2019 · Grief

Mom’s Blue Fabric


I was just going along my merry way, pressing fabric to organize my quilt room and as the iron hit the fabric the thought of my own mother came to mind.  The smell of the heat to the fabric brought back a familiar scent.  Even if my eye (memory) can’t recall something a smell can instantly awaken the memory bank at times.

The fabric had been my mothers.


I know I am not the only one that this happens to and it doesn’t just happen with fabric for me.  My mother’s old bottle of perfume that sits on my dresser does, a glance out of my peripheral vision of the painting she did or a snapshot of days gone by all stir within me bittersweet feelings.

Both my parents passed away a few years ago and so that is all I have.  Bittersweet memories and feelings that visit on occasion.  I am so very glad I have these because although there is heartache in some of the memories it is mostly a feeling of gratitude and love.

Between Lori Holt planner with fabric storage advice and Netflix’s Marie Kondo it’s got me inspired to make the room I spend  a lot of time in better.  As I go through my fabric stash I should probably just toss the light blue fabric.  Odds are I won’t ever use it because it is so very thin you can see through it. Definitely not good quality for a quilt.

But I just can not.  As I pressed it I thought of Marie Kondo’s “spark joy.”  This piece of fabric may not  be useful but it brings me joy, so it shall settle into my stash to live for now.

Sometimes in life – joy trumps useful.

May you find joy in your day and remember to make memories with your loved ones while you can!

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