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VVDDP – 2019

With each year I find myself getting less and less into planning and providing the entire menu for our annual VVDDP gathering.  The last couple years I have had the guests bring a part of the meal and this year will be no different.  The table decor will be from past years and the party favors are simple!  We have made part of those, need to hit the store for the rest!

We had to hide the party favor, so it’s just us for now! 🙂 LOL

When it was time to announce to our guests what they were being assigned it was fun to share a video of Milton and I in our own kitchen.  Our 10 year old helped us video and yes, Milton was silent but still got his feelings across using typed out sheets of paper!

I know this isn’t a great pic of me, but I had to share parts of the video so you can see Milton has a comical side as well as a quiet side! 🙂 

If we had our way we would love to do a fun night of all of us cooking together but my kitchen won’t work for that!  Perhaps I will put together something at a different venue in future and give a whirl with each guest paying a fee to help with expense!


When we did our video we put a twist on the assignment.  Our goal is to always get the couples to do something fun together – like last year and our scavenger date night.  This year they are to make their dish together in the kitchen and video to share with the gang!  They could make their own cooking show or make it a competition, as long as it was PG rated! 🙂

It just brings alittle fun to the party and gives the couples an opportunity to share an experience together.  Milton and I will be participating and no we haven’t even discussed our game plan.  The dinner party is a week away – wow I’ve changed!  Wish us luck!

As always it will be an evening of great food cause our friends can all cook and laughter galore because the games are always a hoot!  One night to come together with friends we don’t really see very much to re-connect and relax.

Looking forward to a great VVDDP 2019!  Oh ya… the main course is three different soups this year!  Talk about simplicity, right?  🙂

Be sure to follow us on social media because as we video and prepare next Saturday we will post (probably comical) updates from our own kitchen escapades!

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