All The Crops Update!

6/2/19 started this post……. didn’t finish and post till 6/7/19!

After several days/weeks of rainfall the farmer was finally able to get in the field yesterday to begin our soybean planting. I could tell this made him happy. We are not sure how much he can get in the ground before more rain but he worked till about 1:30 a.m.

There are so many other people that have it worse than us we hate to complain, but the truth is that so many factors affect farming. Weather is only one but is the huge one. Prior to starting yesterday he had to work a couple areas in a few fields due to gullies being made by all the rain we’ve had.

This is an example of where corn replant should occur. The issue is getting to the this area without damaging the other corn that is already coming up while replanting.

We plan to put 524 acres of soybeans (regular crop) in, which is more than we have done in a few years. If you recall, last fall when we were trying to get wheat in the ground we were unable to drill as many acres of it. Once again rainfall being the factor. So we are filling in with soybeans.

The farmer has kept busy with preparing the combine for wheat harvest. Changing out parts and updating so hopefully things go smoothly during that busy time.


Today the farmer has begun planting milo/grain sorghum. He has all the soybeans (regular crop) except for one field that is too wet still planted. Milton has the corn replanted where he is able.

Various duties this time of year on the farm. I will write a separate post about the irrigation and what’s been up with it when I have time. This weekend I have our one year old granddaughter so it might not happen real soon. You can see photos and videos on our Facebook or Instagram though! Go check them out and like us!

Wheat. We have areas in this field that are lighter colored that the water was standing & caused damaged to wheat.
Wheat field – Farver
The dark soil in the background – that’s where he replanted and it was all washed full of water. The pond sits near here that is in this field/pasture area.

That’s all for now! I gotta go folks! Just wanted to finally get this written & posted! Thanks for stopping by!


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