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Landlord Appreciation 2019

After reading the title of this post you might be thinking, “is it the fall already?” No – we just decided to change things up on you AND our landlords!

We hosted our annual landlord appreciation event this past weekend because we wanted to shoot for an outdoor barbeque. The days weeks leading up to May 4th only gave us a great deal of rain. Luckily the farmer was able to get the corn planted but there is a lot of water standing in some fields, ditches and the flower beds are mud!

We had our picnic in the usual place, our dining room table and things ended up just fine! The day was not full of rain but it was cloudy and a tad cooler. We wanted our guests comfortable, maybe next time! Laughter, conversation and food were present so we call that a success!

Our menu this year was pretty basic for a standard barbque but had a few different options. We like to give that as we are hosting a variety of people. We had eleven individuals, not including us three to feed. We missed the ones that were not able to make it, perhaps one day we can get all of them together at once! ๐Ÿ™‚

Our daughter took on the task of setting most of the table and making the “fancy” place settings look cute with her napkin folding! ๐Ÿ™‚

To find the recipes for the salads and dessert please be sure to check out my work in progress Entertaining Kitchen/Recipes Page here on the blog! While you are there be sure to click on the Between the Sunsets of Life link to see many recipes!

Most of the time we like to use regular plates and utensils but since we were going to be outside we bought “fancy” plastic plates! The color theme was blues and yellows as we found some garden pots at Hobby Lobby one day and decided to use those for decor and party favors.

We picked up some perennials and fresh flowers, threw some plastic tablecloths on the table and decided to call it good. We only get to see some of this wonderful individuals once a year, so our time is better spent visiting than worrying about how the table looks! Establishing relationships that we hope will last for generations to come and show appreciation is our goal!

The party favors ran the simplicity and homemade theme, with our daughter helping out! She baked up some of her delish chocolate chip cookies to join the posty notes with our farm name on them, a packet of seeds and then everyone got to pick a potted flower to take with them!

Our time together lasted a few hours. We can not say enough how much we appreciate these people. Thank you for taking the time to come to our home for this event and for allowing us to farm your family ground. As we continue to move forward in the year may the farming operation be both rewarding and productive for all of us!

Thanks for stopping by!

Julie & Milton

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