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The Old Grain Truck

I mentioned an old grain truck in this post, the photo above is of that truck. I was driving to the field to collect my farmer husband one day during wheat sowing and this was the image before me. I just smiled as I stopped to snap the photo. It warmed my heart, probably because it makes me think of RV and that sunrise was glorious this day.

Just like my father-in-law this grain truck has seen many things. It no longer runs very well, it’s mostly used only for seed wheat. The truck was laid over on it’s side a few years ago by my husband but look, there it is still being used, even if only to hold grain for the next crop. Never driving very far from home.

The sun set on RV’s life recently and one day it will set on my farmer husband’s life. But just like this old grain truck their lives will have a story and it’s even more enriched because it involves the agriculture way of life. I have no doubt my husband will be getting dirt under his fingernails and continue to bring me greased stained jeans as long as he possibly can. Just like this old grain truck (and his dad), continuing to move forward even when it is harder to get going in life. The life of a man that loves his occupation no doubt.

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