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Milo Harvest 2019

We only had 133 acres of that rust colored itch inducing crop planted this year. So our harvest only lasted from October 17th – October 22nd. The farmer had finished sowing wheat the morning he started milo harvest and then stopped to watch his farmkid play volleyball that evening. On our way home we dropped Milton off at the combine so he could move to the new field to get started on it.

We found ourselves on Friday night with a fuel line leak on the semi and an oil leak on the combine header. I had went over to figure up scale tickets to estimate how full the bin was for Milton and kept smelling something like fuel. Upon turning around I saw a huge spot on our scales. So I asked our hired guy and called the farmer. He ended up coming home to check out the issue. It was later so we just decided to let it set and use our farm grain truck to go a couple more loads.

Milton had already decided to go to a wedding with us girls in Kansas City the next day overnight. It made this farmer’s wife happy and to be honest I think the break really was what he needed. Milton came back somewhat refreshed and we reconnected so it was a win-win! We had some fun on our way home at a cider mill too!

Monday started the day with him tackling the repairs needed on the combine header. The semi truck he called our local repair place out to take a gander. By the time I made it home mid afternoon the semi was fixed and the farmer was finishing up the header repairs. 3:30 p.m. that day he headed out to the field to begin harvesting milo once again. On this day, Milton wore the hat of both combine and truck driver. The following morning he took the last loads of milo to the elevator and began (double crop) soybean harvest. More on that later.

I rode one afternoon to the grain elevator and took a few pictures so you could see our course to unload. Scan the card, weigh the truck, prob the grain, move to the terminal location, unload, weigh again and get your scale ticket. We are lucky because our elevator is so close to most all of our fields. That’s helpful when you are harvesting for sure!

Our milo harvest yields ranged from 96 to 125 this year. We have one bin at home full of milo and the rest went to the local grain elevator terminal. Grain sorghum is a beautiful thing from afar but it causes much itchiness and allergies to soar if you are near it! Just fyi! 🙂

We completely finished fall harvest around 10:00 p.m. on October 23, 2019! Double crop soybeans were our last crop to harvest! Wheat is in the ground for 2020 and we are now focusing on cleaning up equipment to store for winter. We also have piles of paperwork to do and family time to reconnect on the agenda!

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3 thoughts on “Milo Harvest 2019

  1. interesting to read about the milo/sorghum. i’ve seen it around here only one year, in one smallish field, and that was five or six years ago. maybe the itch and allergy problem is why, lol. people around here are just getting started on bean and corn harvest, although in southern counties, they’re done already. we had such a late planting season here.–suz in farmy NE ohio


    1. Sorry I didn’t get replied sooner! Thanks for commenting! That’s interesting to me that there isn’t much where you are! I love learning about other areas with farming!


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