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End of the Year – 2019 Reflection

The various seasons bring different things for our life on the farm. With springtime we find activities picking up after the winter of rest. The corn, milo and soybean seeds that were bought this winter will be prepared to be planted and the tractors, drill and planter all be getting last minute updates to work properly. That’s where we will find ourselves come April/May.

For now, it’s December and we are catching up on things around home and spending time together. A slower pace of life which our family prefers. Our family traditions for the holiday season transpiring and photos being taken, memories made to add to the collection. The farmer is working on things outside the farm to supplement our income, while the farmer’s wife plans the budget and goals for next year. We are enjoying the farm kid having a break from school as well.

Although December can be filled with family gatherings and events the Advent season brings us back to what is most important. The reason for the season is evident as we look to that baby in the manger and recall the gift that our God provided for us. That before we know it, the Lenten season will be here and we will hope for Easter 2 to arrive.

The time we spend now, here on earth is one that can be a life chalked full of adventure, opinions, challenges, successes and just mediocre days. Our life on the farm in 2019 was one that included many of those things. Specifically in the farming operation the rainfall in 2019 played havoc on our planting. The wheat harvest was short as we didn’t have many acres due to the wet fall of 2018. Our fall harvest of 2019 produced corn yields that were lower than usual due to the wet spring. The soybeans didn’t get a good stand but our few acres of milo did well.

This winter Milton has spent time researching “new to us” planters and he sold some hay the other day. As you can see from the photos above. We don’t know what 2020 really holds for us but together we are better and we will move forward!

So with 2020 just a few hours away we hope that your 2019 finishes out on a positive note and that it follows you into 2020! We’re looking forward to sharing our farm life with you and creating memories for generations to come!

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