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Quieter Times of November

Just a quick post to share what has been happening since our Fall harvest ended. It’s a quieter time in regards to the farm. Milton has been putting dirt into low places in various fields and then working that dirt in. This helps care for the land and keep the ground better maintained. He has always made this a priority I feel. Just plopping the seed in the ground and hoping for the best result isn’t practical!

The irrigation center pivot has been running lately to water the wheat we have planted behind our home. That is the only field we currently have irrigation on.

My farm duties have found me in our home office working on our year end books. This happens at the end of October verses December for our corporation and it’s now off to the accountant for them to do their magic! One of the other tasks I have is creating our farm newsletter for our landlords and also a 2020 calendar for them.

The newsletter has a combination of updates from planting and harvesting to blog posts I’ve written and general updates on our family. All mixed in with photographs from our farm year. I create this and then send the PDF off to our local small town printer and they do a FABULOUS job for me! I really do appreciate having them right here so close.

The calendars this year are larger (11×14) and also some small desk calendars are being given. In years past we have also done the 8.5 x 11 size but I think some of the landlords like the larger ones because they write in the daily boxes. I am thinking next year we might do a combination of all three sizes and go from there. We ship them out with our newsletter, a holiday letter and our cash rent payments if it applies.

I use the larger calendar in our home office myself during the year to mark down the payments coming due and then when we planted or harvested where. So someday it will be kind of a “scrapbook” of sorts for our daughter to look through. The photographs I chose this year were some of my favorites with only one on each page. Sometimes I use more and also add text explaining some things. We ordered them from Vistaprint this year but I have used Walmart before as well.

Here are a few shots of various things from our farm! No that isn’t grass in my yard, it’s wheat growing in a no-till field. That is why there is still remnants of the last crop that was there!

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