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Week Number – Honestly I Don’t Know For Sure

Like the title says – I’m not sure how long we’ve been on reduced outings/ stay at home orders. I could take the time to look at a calendar and count back but I don’t want to put that much effort into it. I just wanted to share and document on our blog where we are as a family in this COVID-19 way of living. It may seem mundane to you all but I’m still gonna do it!

Let’s start with the farmer, well Milton is basically going along like usual. I mean he doesn’t go out in public unless he absolutely has to for his occupation or for groceries. We did have to go pick up the tractor and planter from the shop a couple weeks ago. But we have reduced our outings for sure! He is happy to have his “new to him” planter in the yard and begin doing some work on it. Planting is close, we went to the field with him this week to test it out. He wanted our daughter to drive next to the planter to check a few things while he ran the tractor.

As of today, there’s some sort of issue with the monitors and planter communicating, so the shop will be out again today to try to fix it. I can tell Milton really wants to get to planting corn but between these issues and now the weather we had last night it may be next week. I am making it a point not to ask how this whole COVID-19 thing is affecting farm markets etc. Hint- my anxiety is up and down, no need to add to it, right?

Part of a positive thing about staying home is that I am here to snap photos of these two working together. I truly enjoying doing that. You probably can’t tell but Paige is in the tractor in case Milton needed her to lower the pallet of corn seed. By the way, this is how my husband stays fit at 53 – lifting about 40 lb pound of bags of seed and unloading them. 🙂 SO the planter is filled & ready to go when the time arrives for seed to be put into the ground!

Our daughter has started her third (I think) week of online continuous schooling. I believe it’s going well, she seems to adapt pretty easily to things. I would like to explain that in our house, prior to this whole change to way of living, the 12 year old only had a tablet and it was only used a couple hours a day maybe with monitoring. SO you can imagine how this mom is dealing with her video chatting with friends online more than usual and just being on the electronics so much. I know it’s needed and I’m all for it just not what comes with it. Cutting those apron strings & teaching good morals & all that wrapped up in a COVID bubble! 🙂

Honestly, she really has done well and hasn’t complained really at all. I did ask her yesterday what was the best thing that has come out of this whole stay at home situation for her? Paige thought for a moment and said “more time with you, doing things with you.” Yes – mom did a happy dance in her mind and I know she was sincere about it and not just sucking up. I know her pretty well, she really does just like hanging with family.

I think she is the perfect age to have this all happen. She isn’t too young that I have to constantly entertain or watch all her school work. We have her help dad and she mows our yard plus Grandma’s weekly. Basically being an only child since our other girls are adults entertaining herself has been a way of life for her already.

I am working from home some and able to go into my office one morning a week. Our office has two people in it and we have the front locked. It’s worked well for me to be home to get Paige started with her schooling. I do have to admit going to the office helps me mentally during this time. As I’ve mentioned before I struggle with some anxiety and depression, so it helps to have somewhere to go and feel like I’m earning my keep so to speak. 🙂

There’s been baking occurring in our home and areas cleaned out that needed it, a few quilts finished up and lots of television watching together. Prior to all this we did do stuff together like this and we always sat down around the dinner table for supper. I hear a lot of people really enjoying that part of this situation, eating meals together around a table. That makes my heart glad!

I have participated in mindless eating, scrolling social media without a point and sitting more than I should. I’m trying to give myself grace on that last one. There has been songs sung (off key) being belted out from my lips with made up words, dancing as well and occasional head on my desk moments. The 12 year old really enjoys the singing one I’m telling ya! 🙂

One thing I decided I would do during this time to not only aid others but to help me is send some snail mail! I was at Walmart a while back & found some cute blank cards. They had a llama on the outside and I started laughing in the aisle, cause all I could think about was the six foot rule, so I sent a package out to various people last week. I snagged up some Easter cards to go out as well. Oh and I have a couple ladie’s groups on Facebook, I decided to send funny GIF via text to them. Just something to brighten our days. Have you done anything to keep connection?

Normally uncertainty and non-planning, not knowing really does throw me for a loop. My loop this time has been present, I’m trying to manage it. I am so grateful for technology that we can video chat with our grandkids and big kids, I really do miss them. Luckily they live close so Easter weekend we left eggs and packages for each grandkid in their yards! Then their parents sent pictures later!

Speaking of Easter, it sure was different in regards to our gathering and church services. We normally spend Holy Week attending church on Thursday, Friday and Sunday, a lunch with family and then egg hunt. This year it w was online services and only 4 around the table eating a pretty small ham that I didn’t realize was so small in that online cart! 🙂

There are things in this life, even before COVID-19 that could break us or attempt to. The strength comes from within but we only have it because God placed the Holy Spirit in us. Positives and negatives of this time, both present, both are part of life. Dealing with it is hard and beautiful and grace-filled and uplifting and defeating all wrapped up in a gift. That’s hard to really see isn’t it? But yet it’s true.

I pray that each of you is able to find some connection, joy and share some goodness in this time. I applaud those that are working so hard to care for others in the medical field, our government for dealing with all this, the truckers and farmers and grocery store workers and for those that are doing what they can to stay home. Everyone has something they can do to help and fight this virus! To the small businesses and self employed or unemployed our family is praying for you daily. Please know that.

Let’s do what’s best for others, let’s do what’s best for our families. God Bless You All!

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