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Journey of Quilts- Mom's Purple 9 Patch

The current stay at home mode we are in has given me more time in the quilt room. I’m the type that likes to see a finished product, so you can imagine with a few quilt tops sitting around how un-nerving that is for me. I enjoy the piecing more than quilting and I don’t have unlimited funds to take them all to long arm quilters. So last week I decided to jump into getting some quilted myself.

I sat in my chair staring at this blue quilt top I just love! Trying to figure out how to quilt it and although I now have a machine I could free motion quilt on, I just couldn’t take that leap with it. I don’t really want to take the time to practice free motion but did for a bit, my doubt prevailed and I resorted to just doing straight stitch. Much to my delight I liked the change of pace and my Juki rocks with it’s larger throat space! I’m content with the quilting and ready to put the binding on & have it be tucked away or used.

Moving on to the quilt top I really wanted to share about, I’ve named it Mom’s Purple Nine Patch. The reason is my mother had actually sewn the blocks together prior to her passing. She did several different nine patch blocks which I have made quilts for my siblings with. I saved the purple ones for myself though because lavender was Mom’s favorite color.

I began quilting four years ago and this one was put together in year one or two so I can see all the flaws for sure! But those do not even matter. Obviously because it’s something my mother’s hands put together and I get to finish it. I will treasure it and made a nice label to document the quilters.

I had hoped to learn to hand quilt and complete it with that, but after seeing it sit around for a couple years I decided to just tie the quilt. Yes I have more time on my hands currently but remember earlier I like to see finished products! 🙂 Perhaps I can get my youngest daughter to help me tie this one so it can be a group effort. I have also decided to use a puffier batting than I usually do. I think it will be cozier that way. Today my husband is helping me set it up on our deck and I plan to tie it there! Let’s hope the weather holds out!

The quilt top pile is getting less and the completed ones stacking up. I have been pondering how to distribute them to family. We’ll see if I get that accomplished! 2020 did bring new things which is a quilt giveaway every few months. The next one is upcoming in April. The first one was in February for only my personal page Facebook friends. I’m considering doing one for the blog. Anyone be interested in a homemade quilt??

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2 thoughts on “Journey of Quilts- Mom's Purple 9 Patch

  1. WOW, you are certainly taking advantage of the quarantine time. I love to quilt also, but with the farm, full time job, and 3 kids, it is hard to find time. Usually once or twice a year I rearrange the house to pull out the machine and sew for about a week and then pack it away again. Our small town has a group that gets together once a month “Country Friends Quilt Club” and I always appreciate hearing about their projects and progress. Be safe! Jill



    1. Hello!Thanks for commenting! If I worked full time or had more at home children it would be the same way for me. 🙂 I am lucky to have time and space. Stay safe too!


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