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2020 Wheat & Irrigation

On an early Friday morning I headed out to take my daily walk but ended up going a different path then usual. The path ended up caking my tennis shoes with mud, by the time I reached my destination. But I feel it was worth it after taking the following photographs.

For a few weeks, I could look out my kitchen window and in the distance, see a fertilizer nurse tank sitting by the irrigation motor. It was now time to begin running the fertilizer through the center pivot irrigation. The wheat needs this fertilizer before it “heads out” is what I’ve been told. That morning Milton had decided it was time to get it going.

It’s not often that I am able to witness such beautiful morning skies or my husband working in his element. With the recent change of life events with Covid-19, it’s given me more opportunity to do both these things. Working from home more will come to an end after this week.

We will find ourselves seeing a new normal as things open back up slowly, for my husband it hasn’t really changed much since his occupation is done primarily alone. For our daughter hopefully she can play softball or at least have some time with friends, she is the one that has mostly been at home. I think socially we will probably be, to some degree, more aware of what we are doing with our physical selves when interacting with others. As we go to the grocery store or gather for dinner at a restaurant. People continue to say “I can’t wait to get back to normal” but to me I think it will be a different normal than before. I’m okay with that I think.

Our family was pretty simple and didn’t do a great deal of traveling or socializing before all this, but we do miss what we did. This time has given the three of us time to reconnect I feel. For me a reminder that I sometimes let other things take over time that is in front of me to be with my daughter. I started doing more with her like I did when she was little in the kitchen and watching more movies, allowing her to have more freedom as well. For myself I have been given the opportunity to take time to do some deep cleaning in areas that needed it, mostly physical but a little mental too.

This time of year that is upon our farm family gets moving pretty quickly to be honest. Planting season has begun and before we know it that wheat that is being fertilized will be golden and ready to harvest. Memories will be made during those hot humid days of summer, ones that hopefully we can share with you and many generations to come.

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