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Spring Happenings 2020

Spring brings a few things to our farm life but I enjoy the ones where we have a few generations together. Recently I was given the opportunity to snap a few photos of three of those together. It was nothing fancy at all or even planned. It was my husband, his mother and our daughter planting corn in her garden. Every year she plants corn and when it’s ready they pick it, then in both our homes we cook the ears, slice the corn off and freeze it. Honestly my husband will hardly eat corn any other way. I actually enjoy the firmness of corn that has been canned or even store bought, but also have grown to enjoy this type. It’s all about what you’re raised with I guess! 🙂

I love to watch my husband and daughter interact and do things together, especially farm related or building related. I think some of that comes from the fact that she is a girl and those two things are what he is very good at in life. I want her to grow up to be a woman that is able to do things on her own if she chooses. I’m not a man hater, I’m actually quite the opposite! I am a woman that will actually have my husband do things that I am quite capable of doing. I was raised by a woman that worked physically harder than most men I’ve ever known, yet here I am, asking my husband to change that light bulb or cook a meal or fill my car with gas. Okay, perhaps it’s not all about what you’re raised with.

PV and I have had more time to do things together so we tackled a new recipe. Pretzel Buns! They turned out delish and they are way simpler to make than I anticipated! The recipe is in Hope’s Table cookbook that I recently purchased. I have found quite a few recipes in there I plan to make in the entertaining kitchen!

The wheat is growing but is a tad shorter than usual at this time. It was planted a little later last fall.

The corn Milton planted is starting to sprout through and we got s nice little rain last night.

Things will be opening back up slowly here in Kansas starting May 4th, Monday. I’m heading back to my regular schedule at the town job. The farmer plans to start early milo planting and PV has her school work. We are doing okay and hoping some of her summer activities are go! I guess that is about it from our neck of the woods!

Take care and thanks for stopping by!


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