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2020 Milo Planting

Before Milton could start planting milo he had to replant some of the soybeans. We received so much rain that it washed out some areas of a few fields. So we will have soybeans in some fields that have a little different growth but that is how it goes sometimes!

The milo started going in the ground on June 5th. Tings have went smoothly and the larger planter helps get things done faster as I’ve mentioned before.

Excuse the dirty windshield, I didn’t get out of the car to snap a picture when we took the equipment to the field. The planter was all out so I snapped a quick picture! We took it to a field that has 154 acres to plant. Milton will have to stop and refill the two fertilizer tanks on each side about every 7 acres. For some reason I feel we will be looking for bigger ones this winter…. just sayn.

We ended up planting 301 acres of milo this year. Come fall we will harvest that crop. This crop is so pretty when it’s the rust orange, but boy does it bug my allergies and you are itchy if you are near it! God willing it will be providing us and others with substance!

Our wheat is coming along and over the hot weekend it really started to change to a yellow gold. Wheat harvest is still a few weeks off for us but it’s coming! On my evening walk I snapped these beauties, hope you enjoy them!

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