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Chillin Sundays Apart Yet Together

(Started 05/31/2020)

Not today but last Sunday brought a good day of just being at home. We attended church via livestream in the morning and prior to that did our usual morning things.

We’ve had quite a few days at home in the past few months due to Covid-19. But today was different in the fact that in the afternoon and evening we just did the things we wanted. I feel like this photo represents us being a family together, yet allowing us to do our own thing. Which is how we should spend some of our time in this life on earth I feel.

Our daughter enjoying swimming, I wanted to sew but also enjoy the beautiful weather, be near my family and my husband found his way to the garden. Now, to be honest I would not say that gardening is his favorite thing but he does enjoy physically working at least a tad even on Sunday. It’s just how he is wired.

I can truly say I felt so good this day. In the days prior I had been feeling anxious and unable to sleep well. There are various factors as to why but on this day I was calmer than usual in the afternoon and evening. I chalk it up to me stopping, shutting down the mind, being where I feel safe and doing what I enjoy with people I love.

The world is ready to rush out and live life again and to be honest I just like our quiet life. I like the simplicity of what we have built. I do enjoy dining out and not cooking, going on vacations but it’s nice to have a home to come back to. A place to rest my weary head and heart. I won’t feel guilty for what my husband and I have built. I will be empathetic to the situations at hand in our world and I will have conversations with my daughter regarding things occurring as I always do.

I think we’ve raised her to know that living in a manner of calm is good but to have strength to endure hardships is essential. All the while knowing the Lord is who she truly needs to lean on. I’m hoping as she grows up and ventures out into her own life these things stick from my parenting.

There are many things in this life today that are laid out in front of us instantaneously because of the 24 hours news, social media outlets, etc. It’s hard to give up those things up, I struggle with that. But truly I feel it’s about time I figure out a better balance. I know the world is a beautiful and messy thing all at the same time. Self care is all the rage, I guess my self care is living this life, having days that reflect the calmness I need. Choosing to do what I can, when I can in a place of what works for me and my family.

I just wanted to be sure this made it’s way into our little printed book I get. I hope you find some time, a day or a week or month where calm is restoring your being.

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