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Quilt Giveaways 2020 – Half Way Mark

In 2020 there were several things I wanted to do as I was leaving my forties at the end of it. One of them was to have various giveways of quilts I’d make. Some of this was inspired because I wanted to use my stash of fabric and also to be generous and share a little kindness along the way. Documenting is what I like to do, even in my quilting life. So I thought I’d share with you, now that we are at the half way mark what was given and how I did the giveways.

The first giveway was in February to celebrate Valentine’s Day and I had the perfect quilt to share! It was bold with red, black and white! I had never made this pattern before except for a single block. It was time consuming but also a good way to practice my skills. It is called the pineapple pattern and I just used up scraps from my fabric stash.

I decided to have the giveaway take place on my personal Facebook page for my friends. I simply asked them to comment with the end of the following sentence. I love ________. It was so great to read all the comments! My daughter drew the winner which happen to end up being our family photographer. I was thrilled to deliver it to her!

Size: 89×52
Pineapple pattern
Hand tied quilt
12×12 pillows

The next quilt giveaway was in April for Easter and I chose to do it on my personal Instagram page for my friends there. I keep my Instagram pretty minimal on who I am friends with over there. This meant that there was more chance for people to win! In fact, I think I had a total of five or six people comment to be entered. I chose to ask them to comment with one tradition that you have. The winner was one of my friends that I came to know better through church. I was so thrilled when she won! I know she will love on this quilt and use it like they should be! It was during the stay at home order so I delivered to her porch and visited in her yard with social distancing! The quilt was made with scraps and was the Fat Quarter Cube pattern, the size 84 x 64 and hand tied.

Fat Quarter Cubes Quilt – Scrappy- Hand tied- 84×64

I found myself with another finished quilt by Mother’s Day in May. I knew the perfect outlet to have my next giveaway! I have a group of four Lutheran gals I have a Facebook group with and I surprised them by having the May one there for them. I really enjoyed making this quilt which I used some charm packs to create. The pattern was free and called Frenzy, extras were had so I made a pillow cover as well. I simply had them comment with what their favorite thing was about being a mom! My friend Jill won it! We have children in the same class, attend the same church and have agriculture in our lives!

Quilt size: 52×80
Pillow cover size: 18×18
Pattern: Frenzy
Fabric: Maywood Studios Beautiful Basics, Green Polka Dot Cotton from Joann’s and Waverly White

The next quilt was given away this month (June) and it was basically an extension of the kindness that had been given to me. The quilt came from a kit that had been given to me by the sweet lady that does a lot of my long arm quilting. I had it for a few months and I knew exactly what outlet I wanted to do the giveaway in! My Ag Blogger friends group! If I had not started blogging in 2012 I would have never met these ladies! With the theme of the quilt being agriculture it only seemed fitting! So I asked them to comment with what they loved about farming most! My friend Melinda from Missouri won it! So excited for her!

Pillow covers
84×57 Farm Red Quilt with Homegrown by Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics including Homestead by Wilmington Prints

I’ll update more later this year on this quilt giveaway journey. I have lots of ideas but not enough time or funds to do as much as I’d like. May you find joy in your days and share the kindness all the way!

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