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Wheat Harvest 2020- Day 1-3

Wheat harvest began for our family on June 24th about 6:30 p.m. There was an attempt the week before but the wheat was not ready and then rain made an appearance! So the farmer had alittle longer to wait and get more prepping done.

I always take a photo of Milton and our daughter at harvest time with the combine. I started this tradition her first year when she was three months old! It’s awesome to look back each year!

We have around 459 acres of wheat to harvest this year, most of the surrounding neighbors started before us but that’s okay! It all depends on the variety of wheat one plants, when they plant and mother nature. I am just hoping ours is pretty much done and the planting of fall crops by the time softball games begin July 1st. I may be hoping for too much, but only time will tell!

Our first couple days went very well and by the end of that second day we were a little over a quarter of the way finished. On that first day Milton spent most of the day helping a farmer friend in our community out, along with others to harvest one of his fields. It’s always nice to feel you are part of a community that comes together in times of need!

This year we are hauling more to the elevator verses farm storage as we have some wheat contracted. We are keeping an eye on protein as that makes a difference this year if we farm store it or not. Our daughter has only had to unload four trucks on that first day! 🙂 It was funny cause she was texting her dad and I about how she didn’t even have time for lunch! We found that quite hilarious! I was at my town job in the nice cool air conditioning when I receive that text! 🙂 I did help her the other night and snapped this sunset picture from the farm yard!

Some shots I got on the evening of day two harvesting. I always like to take the photos when the sun is setting and the combine is running. Always makes for some neat shots!

On day three one of Milton’s brothers offered to help cut wheat so Milton could begin planting double crop soybeans. This was a big help as there was rain the forecast and we’d like to get some beans in! We also have our regular truck driver/neighbor helping again this year. I’m sad my brother couldn’t come back to help but hopefully next year! If you look closely at the next photo the dust in the background on the left side is our combine running. It’s the same field but there is corn growing in the middle.

Each day during harvest the farmer usually finds himself working very long days. When he rises in the morning he has to prepare for that day’s harvest. This includes fueling the equipment and trucks, maintenance if needed and perhaps hauling a load the elevator or

We had a couple of our grandchildren stop by the combine to ride with Papa! These twin boys have been asking about Papa’s red combine for weeks! Needless to say they were thrilled to ride! When I video called them the next day the first thing they wanted to know was if Papa was in his red combine! 🙂

At the end day three we had harvested approximately 280 acres of wheat. We made good progress and we are content with most all our yields. Here’s hoping the rest of the harvesting goes as well! Thanks for stopping by!



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