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Wheat Harvest 2020- The end of it and more!

We found our way to the finish line of our 2020 wheat harvest on June 29th. The harvest was accomplished in six days which is great! We feel like this is the smoothest thing to happen in 2020 so far! 🙂 We are grateful and thankful for the help we received and the blessings from the Lord. We had cousins out and family to help, all good times!

Our production was better in some fields but our average was around 72. PV ran the combine for awhile in one of the fields just like last year. Which will be helpful in the future and gave them some dad/daughter time! I can’t believe how fast she is growing up but that’s how it goes!

Milton started back into double crop planting once the wheat harvest was completed. With the 16 row planter he knocked it out pretty quickly!

Softball games started and we enjoyed very, although hot, watching our girl play her first game on July 1st! Then we mostly just chilled for the 4th of July weekend. Some of the kids came out and they all did some fireworks, I’m not a big fan but watched. We usually try to keep this holiday low key since we come off of hard long days of work with wheat harvest and planting near here.

Milton once again furrowed the soybeans field where we have flood irrigation. This year his only help was the farm kid cause I was at my town job the day it was laid. She did a great job and the farm dog tagged along of course! He will have it up and going by the weekend! This then means he will go check it twice a day and change the rows that are watering. They can not all be watered at the same time. I am excited to have our toddler grandsons that like to ride the mule with papa out to see the irrigating this way. I’m sure they will dive into the water and mud, their parents will love that! 🙂

I’ve taken some beautiful photographs this year during harvest but I think this is my favorite! We were waiting for the combine to finish fueling up and taking time to just visit. I said I wanted to snap a photo of these two and boom! This is the result. You may not know but I do, that the smiles on their faces are genuine, that that squeeze dad is giving his girl is really sincere. This photo reminds me of the image in my mind the first time he met his daughter. The moment I truly saw love on this man’s face.

This past week I created our farm newsletter and got that off to the printer in hopes to send it out to our landlords in late July. We are considering getting feeder cattle this winter, we haven’t done that in about three years. I miss it but it does make it so you can’t get away from the farm much. I miss our own beef in the freezer too. Although we buy beef from local ranchers when we don’t have our own. Until next time – stay safe & take care folks!

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