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Farm Negotiations with a Kid

I think this is now one of my all time favorite photographs of our daughter. It was just snapped with my smartphone in the morning light and her face isn’t even showing. When I look at this photo I find myself feeling proud of her. I think, even if I didn’t know the story behind the photograph I would still feel a sense of pride.

Today she headed to her first day of 7th grade at the junior high/high school as I write about this end of summer moment. With school finally beginning that meant this week she was up at 6:30 a.m. to prepare for her new schedule. Our 2020 early mornings schedule was not so happening much especially during the summer months. It was a little rough for even Mom!

So earlier this week while waiting on her dad to get back in from irrigation so they could do devotions we talked. She wanted to purchase a new book, she had the cash but I offered to her to do a chore instead and I’d pay for the $6 ebook. I couldn’t think of one really, dad walked in and I asked him. To my surprise he said “she can chop the pigweed that is out in that field.” Now I have chopped some weeds as a child, so I just let this one kinda go on it’s own, only intervening when necessary. For instance advising him to take her out and explain the task before a pay amount was established. Dad had mentioned $10.00 at this point, secretly I knew that was not enough!

Upon entering I hear her say a higher dollar amount, Dad returns with an offer, she looks at me and I advised only slightly which ended up not mattering. Because the child said her original number and stuck with it. šŸ™‚ Dad caved to the 12 year old and took her out to teach her what needed done.

The entire experience is something she will learn from. Even if she should have asked for more money, she will learn for next time. Even if she should have considered the amount of time and sore muscles to result from hard labor, she will learn from it. Perhaps she will walk away feeling pride because she worked hard, finished the task in a good manner and earned some cash as well. I just knew she would be grumpy and not want to work very hard at her volleyball practice later in the day but she pleasantly surprised both of us! I guess the hard work made her happier?

Honestly – she’s probably benefiting from her Dad being more in charge on the farm than her mother. The reason is I think she should be doing MORE on the farm than she is. Our child is far from being spoiled but she does not go without. She wears nice clothes, has plenty of food, even some of her favorite snacks, now has as smartphone and plays some sports etc. We don’t pay her an allowance but hope we are teaching her with the skills in a manner of implementation of daily life to grow a well rounded human. Mistakes are made by us “old fogie” parents but eventually she will see the benefits. Most kids do.

When I arrived home that evening I asked her what she thought, if the pay was enough for the job. Her response was priceless and yep… she learned a lesson or two!

“The juice was not worth the squeeze.”

So many lessons were learned and we had a great discussion as a family. Learning experiences can be in daily life if we just look for them!

Thanks for stopping by! Here are some more pictures I snapped of Dad teaching her how to cut the pigweed out of the field!

2 thoughts on “Farm Negotiations with a Kid

  1. I hate pigweed. I thought I had them whipped this year, but a few have started poking there heads through the soybeans and I’ve been walking out in the the field with a back pack sprayer with Liberty in it to spray them, ugh.


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