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Corn Harvest 2020

September 4, 2020 marked the beginning of corn harvest for our farm operation. Milton was able to harvest for about three days. The rest of the corn was a different variety and wasn’t quite ready.

The combine was giving him some issue with low voltage. So this gave him an opportunity to pull the alternator out and see what was going on. He had to replace it but it’s ready to go when the crops are!

Labor Day weekend was extremely hot but come Tuesday morning following, it totally changed. The wind blew and the temperature dropped to the high 50’s. It felt more like fall that is for sure. During the harvest I baked a new bread recipe. I used Kamut flour which you can read about in my post here. We took some to the farmer at the field for a snack one day!

The fall season is full of things for our family. Primarily the farmer finds himself quite busy from later September into October with wheat sowing and harvesting soybeans, milo and the rest of the corn. The farm kid and I just chug along and do our thing.

Our twin grandsons got to ride and help Papa drive the combine during that short stint of harvest. They love it, seriously! They love the Kawasaki Mule too, it’s the UTV at the farm. When H gets out of the car that is the first thing out of his mouth. “I wanna go on the mule.” The combine had to do for this day, I think he was okay with it! Those boys are all about being outside & getting in on the action!

I’ll write share more about our fall harvest when we start back up. The temperatures are warming back up but it was such a lovely weekend who can complain! Take care and thanks for stopping by!


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