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Quiet Walks Bringing Forth Some Light

I was on a walk this last Sunday morning and it was one of the most beautiful ones I’ve been on in a while. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do my regular walking routine due to an injured foot but I’m glad I at least tried this morning. The sun was rising and our home and the farm sits just to the left in the photo. The quietness of the rural dirt road, no breeze, cooler temperatures and this view made for a very decompressing moment for me.

For those of you that don’t know me I’m a bit of an overthink-er, someone that tends to worry more than they should, although I do believe I’ve gotten better over the years with age. Like a fine wine, right! 🙂

2020 hasn’t been the easiest for anybody. Our family has been very lucky for many reason in 2020 and recently our daughter has been able to attend school in person, along with play volleyball. Our occupations allowed us to continue to work and we even got to go camping some. We are back to attending church in person as well. All with limitations and masks and what not, just like many others.

I’d like this photo to represent what having a simple quiet life is about. One where you take each day, gather the goodness, pray to the Lord, share with others and provide what you can for your family. (This line makes me think of my husband, a quiet hard working man). A day where ending it by saying what you’re thankful for as you lay your head on the pillow and finishing with the Lord’s Prayer. (That’s more me.)

Sometimes the quiet moments or longer periods of time make my mind go into thinking mode. Although being more of an introvert than extrovert is who I am it’s not always healthy. 2020 has taught me a few things, one being I need people. Even if some never call me to meet up or send a quick hello, even if I’m unappreciated by my family members for what I do around home – I still need people.

It’s also made me realize the differences between my generation and other ones, along with seeing some people’s true colors. That I have the ability and power to choose my reaction. That I can choose to be quiet even if the other person thinks my quietness makes them the winner of the topic. In reality I see this as I cherish the relationship more than being right. I want to keep it.

It’s hard being human but even on my hardest days there are others that have it worse. Recalling that Jesus died for my selfish ways, my human thinking and many other things helps me to get through. Even on my darkest days when I feel unloved by everyone else I still got Jesus and so do you!

I pray the sun shines on your day today. May the light shine through and bring you forth to the front of gratitude. Should others dismay you, I hope you see the sliver of hope that lies around you. Strength can be hard to drum up but we can do it! I needed these words this week as a reminder, I’m thinking perhaps some others did too! God bless you all!

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