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Shots from the Farm & Yard

One evening during wheat harvest I decided to take a walk in my back yard. As I’ve mentioned before we have an irrigated field that I can walk right into from my yard. The view from my deck, depending on the season could be the center pivot watering soybeans or corn, a field that has been harvested with it’s debris in my yard or little sprouts of green or beautiful wheat blowing in the wind.

Currently it has soybeans growing in it and the center pivot is running. The sun was setting and I had hoped to get better shots of it but didn’t make it out there in time.

The soybeans remind me of when your hair stands up on your neck or arms in a moment of surprise. It makes me smile to myself, feeling somewhat like a child.

As I wondered around my yard and the area we have what I like to call “wild” stuff growing, my husband likes to call it native grass, there was opportunity for some nice shots. Just calming in the quiet evening with little breeze.

Then I have a few flowers still blooming in my yard. I’m not a big fan of this type, I don’t even know it’s name. They grow tall & I planted them in the wrong place. They normally fall over and are right in the way if someone is walking up our sidewalk to our door. I need to transplant them. But this one, it was pretty.

And this week I snapped this beauty of us two together. 🙂 He was repairing the combine and I was just bugging him! 🙂

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