2020 · Joy · Julie's Journey

Front Porch Moments

After settling into my spot on the front porch this morning I decided I wanted to write about this place. This photo says so many things to me. I’d like to share them to give you a little more insight into me, my thinking, fleeting moments in my life and just because I feel like it.

When I look at this image I see my favorite coffee cup which takes me to a getaway my spouse & I had almost a year ago. Honestly it wasn’t a stellar time but it was one where we both needed to get away. Now I’d love to sneak away in our camper, even if just to our pasture. Life on the farm keeps us from going away in my favorite time of year so my front porch will have to do. It usually doesn’t disappoint.

The actual porch makes me think of when we were building our home. I can recall the warm day when we were loading and shoveling sand for this front porch. Or the moment when my little girl was just a toddler sleeping on an air mattress in the afternoon sun. Another time on a rainy day once again a toddler and her dad reaching out to catch the raindrops!

The chair and table remind me of how far I’ve come. Just like me it’s exterior is a little more worse for wear and isn’t quite as fresh and new each day. I bought this patio set in 2001 after my divorce and I can still feel how much joy & accomplishment in that purchase, to this day. I suppose how I feel about this table and chair (only one left) is how Milton feels about his old red pickup he had prior to our marriage. The man will not let it go for nothing folks! 🙂

This corner of my porch brings me joy. It’s where I can go in the morning to guess the sunrise view or evening to witness a Kansas sunset, where I can smell my lilacs at times and just relax. There was a spell where it was not enjoyable though. One morning I found some strangers on my front porch sitting in one of those green chairs, which at the time sat right next to my daughter’s bedroom. My husband was away and fear consumed me. Life is funny like that sometimes. One moment you feel safe and secure and loved, the next you are scared, alone and wishing you could be anywhere but there! Here’s hoping those scary times disappear promptly!

I had asked for the front porch swing for a few years and finally got it one Christmas. It’s been a treasure for sure. My grandkids love to swing on it, my daughter has cuddled with me on it. These are the moments that matter. The ones that give life purpose I believe. The ones capturing our hearts and leading us to better times.

I hope you have moments or a place that makes you feel the joy I do here in this little piece of our home. May we continue to have our hearts captured and better times ahead!

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