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Sowing Wheat for 2021

Sowing the wheat for the next year doesn’t begin by just hopping in the tractor & heading to the field. Milton has to decide how many acres he will sow long before he actually does it. The seed wheat isn’t something purchases like our corn or soybeans or milo. We retain seed from our current year’s harvest. Before sowing the seed must be cleaned. Which means he unloads from the (on the farm) grain storage and hauls it to someone to clean.

The grain drill has it’s annual maintenance where he decides what parts need to be replaced etc. To make sure everything is working well prior to entering the field. This grain drill plants our soybeans and sows our wheat.

When Milton went to begin one evening prepping it with fertilizer and seed wheat one of the hydraulic hoses was broke. It was after hours so of course the shop down the road was not open to make a new one for him. So that evening, during this season of busyness we found ourselves together. It was nice to have all three of us in the living room watching TV together.

But starting the next day us girls found ourselves once again alone. He headed off to begin our wheat sowing season. As I’ve explained before this time of year has him doing several things. Harvesting fall crops and sowing wheat to name the main things. The only time has taken a break is for church on Sundays and we had a doctor appointment that he spent part of a day at. Milton put over 500 acres of wheat in the ground for 2021!

He finished the wheat sowing on October 14, 2020 and went right to the combine from the tractor to harvest soybeans. Milton had one field of regular crop soybeans left that needed cut. After this field he will be done until double crop soybeans and milo are ready. We do still have one milo field that is a “hot mess” so he will deal with it this week too.

Here’s hoping we have some rain, we could use it. The dust is so thick in our parts and Milton could use a break. This farm wife is ready too, she is tired of playing taxi for the kid and him plus hauling meals to the field. This season can be put to bed anytime soon and it won’t bother me this year! πŸ™‚

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