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Holiday Season Gift Guide- Tips When Gifting to Quilter!

I’ve been quilting steadily now for almost four years, yes I’m still a newbie. I’ve learned a lot but have a great deal more to learn still. I have been wanting to write this post for some time to share ideas for non-quilters in aiding them in purchasing a quilter a gift and Christmas time seemed the perfect occasion! I know from experience my husband and children struggle to know what to buy me for my hobby. Usually I create a Pinterest board throughout the year to aid them! I hope this helps someone gifting or someone just interested in starting the quilting journey!

I’ve bought things for my quilting that I hardly touch and felt regret. But there is also those items I use every single time I’m in my beautiful room my husband created for me.

First – you can never go wrong with sharing the love with a gift card. I know that seems kind of boring but this way a quilter friend can either put it towards something they’ve been saving for or buy that ruler they just couldn’t pull the trigger on themselves due to price.

It’s best to find out, (nonchalantly of course) which local quilt shops is their favorite. But many shop online as well, especially this year! Some of my favorites are Fat Quarter Shop, Green Fairy and Missouri Star Quilt Company but I’ve bought from shops on Etsy and others I’ve found on Instagram as well.

If you are thinking of helping that person that is interested and has as sewing machine and iron already but hasn’t got started quilting yet, here’s a list of basics that were helpful for me.

Again walk into most local quilt shops and those folks are more than willing to help you put something together too! Walmart sells items and it’s a great way to start with the basics, that’s how I did it!

6 x 24 ruler, 24 x 36 cutting mat, rotary cutter and throw in a couple charm packs (5 inch) into a pretty basket and you’ve got yourself a cute fun gift! When choosing the charm packs perhaps think of their favorite colors! Then they can try something new and not feel guilty if it isn’t their thing! Yes they will need to buy a few more things to make an actual quilt or table runner but you’ve given them a starting point! They’ll be grateful I’m sure of it!

Other items I’ve come to enjoy are:

2.5 x 8 inch ruler 4.5 x 4.5 inch square Ruler holder Command strips

I did create an Amazon quilting list if you’d like to take a look here. The list includes some items I already have and some I’d like and some I find interesting. I don’t purchase too many items off of Amazon for my quilting but they do have quite a bit out there. I know alot of people shop off there so I thought it might be handy.

Precuts are fabric cut into desired shape or sections, I use these primarily when quilting. There are few different types and you can click the words below to take a gander at each. They are fabric bundles of the collections printed fabrics.

Fat Quarters Jelly Rolls Layer Cakes

Charm Packs Half Yard Bundles and more!

For example usually I can make a nice throw quilt with two charm packs which are five inch squares. The fat quarter bundle and layer cakes I can get a large quilt and the jelly rolls anywhere from a lap quilt or mid size quilt. Of course it takes more than just the precut to make the quilt but that gives you an idea. Learning all this was very interesting and daunting at times for me!

There are also fun things for the quilter in your life like apparel and mugs. I don’t usually splurge on these types of things as I’d rather have quilt fabric to make something with if I’m spending my own money! πŸ™‚ There are even cool things like this planner. I love writing the “story” for each quilt. It may just be notes but I put a picture of the finished quilt and who I gave it too on the page of the planner. I enjoy going back and see how long it took me to make the top, get it quilted and who I gave it too. I usually can get one planner and it last for two years for me. They are expensive so I justify it by not having to buy one each year. πŸ™‚

Lighting – this is the best thing I ever received! It is on my sewing machine and has made a world of difference! Get you one if you sew!

Sewing machines – I started with my Mom’s hand me down, then I received an upgrade from my husband as a gift a couple years ago. You don’t have to start with the top of the line machine, basic or used is good. I did splurge and bought myself an industrial machine with some money my mother left me last year. It’s on my list of “best purchases I ever made.” I am glad I didn’t start with this machine but thrilled it’s here now!

I hope this post has helped someone or peaked their interested about quilting. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! If I don’t know, I’ll find someone that does!

Thanks for stopping by!


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