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Winter on the Farm – 2022

I’ve always felt we are fortunate about where our home sits because there is a gas line right near it. We don’t have to worry about having a propane tank in our yard or having it filled a couple times a year. As long as our gas company is up and running, which is most of the time, we’re good to go!

One of the things I thought was different when I started dating my husband was that you could see the gas line pipe in the ditch, it was not buried. This became abundantly “scary” to me one time when my then newly driving teen daughter wrecked our car on top of it. When the wreck occurred all I could think about was getting my two girls OUT of the car that was upside down on top of that gas pipe line! Don’t worry, we were fine and we walked the half mile to the farm house, called Milton that was at a family gathering at our church a couple miles away. All worked out but the car did not.

That was a lengthy story to get to why the first photo in this post is my husband cutting up pipe and my youngest daughter is in the tractor. He farms ground that runs next to the pipeline, so when the company finally decided this year to bury the pipeline supplying the gas, he asked if he could have the metal pipe. Milton is always thinking and resourceful like this. Most farmers are. Milton has no problem working physically. He probably didn’t give a second thought to the labor it would take to cut up the few miles of pipe, he just saw another way to financially support his family.

Here’s where I insert that we watch Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs now. The theme from alot of of the owners /operators of these hard working positions is, “people don’t want to physically work these days.” I do think there is some truth in the statement. I can see the decline from my parent’s generation to mine and more so to my kid’s generation. I’m not saying nobody wants to work the hard jobs but it’s getting harder to find those that will I do believe. It takes all kinds and we need the suit wearing CEO’s or now it could be athletic pant wearing CEO’s I don’t know. We also need the blue jean, dirty, callous hand people to make the world go round. But don’t think the overall wearing or oil stained blue jean guy doesn’t know what he is doing. Most of the time he does, he just isn’t sharing it with ya!

Back to the pipe – it was simple. Cut up the metal pipe and sell it. To make things go quicker and teach our teen daughter a thing or two he has her run the tractor some of the time. They are still negotiating wages although the work is done. 🙂 She did earn $10.00 helping at a construction side job last week with him. It’s funny to hear them discuss pay by the way. This go around I’m keeping my “two cents” worth to myself. 🙂 It’s all on dad!

During these winter months Milton is feeding cattle and they are grazing daily outside my back door. I love to watch them while I quilt or do dishes. Cattle have always brought a feeling of calmness to me, it probably has to do with growing up my first six years on a cattle feed yard. Okay, I’ll admit I get alittle testy with them when we are working them but it’s quickly banished when they bat their pretty eyelashes at me! Like number 69 did!

She is my favorite. I was out back walking recently and they all started to come up to me thinking I had something for them. She is still mild and it made my day to see her up close. I keep joking to Milton that I am keeping her after the rest are sold. He currently is ignoring my requests just so you know. In true Milton fashion.

Sourdough making is a weekly thing and trying new discard recipes as well. Life is plugging along for us, hope it is for you too! We are looking forward to a vacation this year to Utah. I’m hoping I love it as much as I think I will!

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